Russell Brxwn


Russell Brxwn is a Austin based artist whose moody paintings shows a combination of noir and simplicity in his work. With his emphasis on creating works heavily influenced on society, he emphasizes deep thinking and imagination. He always conveys a sense of a free spirit that comes through in his paintings.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Los Angeles, CA, 1983. Currently working out of Austin, TX


Pierce College; Woodland Hills, CA 2002 Studied 2d design, graphic design and acrylic painting

Otis Art Institute; Los Angeles, CA 2003 Studied live drawing, fine art & painting

Contemporary Austin; Austin, TX 2016 Studied Design, Composition & Painting

Group Exhibitions


East Austin Studio Tour (Austin, TX)

Toolmarks ATX Studio Tour (Austin, TX)

West Austin Studio Tour (Austin, TX)


Pump Project Studio Tour (Austin, TX)

East Austin Studio Tour (Austin, TX)

Food Truck Jam (Austin, TX)

Apanas Coffee Bag Show (Austin, TX)

Sketchbook West (Laguna Beach, CA)

Epoch Coffee Group Show (Austin, TX)


Anti-Art Show (Los Angeles, CA)

Pump Project Studio Tour (Austin, TX)

Austin Revitalization Authority East Austin Studio Tour (Austin, TX)

Pancakes & Booze Austin Art Show (Austin, TX)


Fiesta Art Festival (San Antonio, TX)


Fiesta Art Festival (San Antonio, TX)


First Friday (San Antonio, TX)


Santa Monica Art Festival (Santa Monica, CA)


Downtown Reggae Festival (Los Angeles, CA)

City Limits Festival (Los Angeles, CA)


Underground Art Show (Los Angeles, CA)

Downtown LA Artwork (Los Angeles, CA)