Russell Brxwn


Russell Brxwn is an Austin based visual and installation artist whose work incorporates patterning lines he refers to as TWIGS. He used this method of drawing to help himself warm up before starting a new work, and has now started introducing this mark-making into his practice more permanently.

These lines to Russell are meditative, and they help his hand to lose tight control and shut off any restrictions caused by an overthinking mind. The spontaneity of these lines allow him to create shapes and structures in a more concise manner, really revealing the substance of an image.

With identity, pop culture literature, and composition still at the foreground of his mind, Russell explores controversial topics with his installation work to push the boundaries of society.

Russell meditates daily. This quieting of his mind is important to his process, and sometimes can even generate ideas by sifting through meaningless thoughts to bring forward more helpful ones. New, more genuine ideas can be realized when implementing maintenance on the mind.