a profound psychedelic experience happened to me once that changed my whole outlook on life. at the time, i was wading in the water with no direction and no desires. i believe when you're lost you look for guidance in many forms, whether it be religion or mind-altering substances. i found mine in both. the trip came at me like a ship trying to navigate through a storm. when the storm passed, a golden light shined through the ceiling as if gods grace was shining onto me. at that moment a sense of total bliss i had never felt before consumed me.


a way was shown to me. a way out of misery and a way to pursue my happiness. fractal lines danced across my eyes and it's at that moment i decided to go back to my first love and begin creating art again.

my work is deeply symbolic of my experience as i have incorporated the fractal lines into my paintings. transcendence and meditation are common themes in my work. the reaction i hope to achieve is for the viewer to decide. everyone has their own struggles in life but the one thing that is constant is purpose.